Blue Lable BTL

DIAGEO, a multinational company headquartered in London, is the highest producer of spirits in the world. Among its collection of liquors, the highest selling blended Scotch whiskey Johnnie Walker, Black and Red Label are the most widely recognized and consumed whiskey in Ethiopia.

The Brief
Outside of the Black and Red Label brands the Ethiopian high end clientele did not have much exposure to the Blue label brand. DIAGEO teamed up with 251 to create an event to promote the Blue Label brand.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label event set out to provide the ultimate rare and memorable experience to the selected few who already live the luxury life and should enhance it through JWB. It was about getting the guests to experience JWB through touch, taste, sound, and overall experience.
The preview of what to anticipate at the event was done through beautifully designed and printed invitation card sophisticated, elegant and rich in color. The invitation cards were distributed to the office of each invited guest by five models dressed in black.During the event, back-lit traditional dancers accompanied by an accomplished jazz band set the mood of the experience.

End Result
The JWB event was the first successfully conducted event that DIAGEO conducted in Africa. From informal one on one interviews, it was evident that some of the invited guests did not know Johnnie Walker Blue Label prior to the event. During the event some of the consumers indicated that they would consider purchasing the Blue Label Bottles for their special occasions such as weddings. With in a month after the event, sales of Johnnie Walker Blue Label at major government outlet saw an increase of 10 fold.

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